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Success VLC provides 

innovative educational opportunities that inspire hope and lifelong achievement. Our goal is to offer non traditional programs to help support dreams of a brighter future.  





We provide high quality, effective education for students who dropped out and students who don’t fit in the traditional high school structure. We build first class facilities to serve the students in your community.



Success emphasizes job skills through their internship and mentoring programs. By matching student interests with the needs of local businesses, businesses provide on-the-job training and valuable skills.



We provide quiet and comfortable work environments equipped with the best technology, where students are treated as young adults. We are staffed with a Team of highly qualified, certified teachers in our centers.










 Education For the 21st Century - Here Now! The Success Virtual Learning Centers (Success VLC) is a non-traditional education program partnering with public school systems to better serve students.  We focus on students who have dropped out or are at risk for not completing high school as well as home school families in need of additional curriculum and college dual enrollment. Success VLC is more than just an online/virtual school. With first-class facilities that students can visit as often as needed, one-on-one teaching assistance, and their own computers and internet access, students are able to learn at their own pace, while receiving all of the tools and support in a welcoming, unassuming, and inclusive learning environment. This unique education approach is targeted at high school students that may not have found success with traditional schools. In addition to our regular curriculum, Success VLC offers internships and mentoring opportunities with local businesses, as well as field trips, clubs, and other extracurricular activities, setting Success VLC apart from other alternative education programs or virtual schools, all at no cost to the student. Each student is given their own laptop and a mobile hotspot to do their coursework anywhere, at any time. This makes the program flexible, working around a student’s busy schedule and home life. Students can learn at their own pace as they balance school with employment if necessary. Each student who attends Success VLC is held accountable for his or her educational progress, but more importantly, we ensure they have the right support system in place for their growth. The mission of the program is to provide innovative educational opportunities that inspire hope and lifelong achievement.  

Advantages for Students/Parents 

Welcome,  My name is Dallas Bell and for the last decade I have been helping Teens achieve success in high schools.  What I have found is many students need a different environment so we have designed a school that allows students options Do you learn better at 7:30am or Noon?Do you learn better in a group instruction setting or one on one at your own pace? We offer a college like drop in center so that when you need support you can stop in on your time table and get help, the rest of the time you can work from home We supply you with the laptop and wireless card and support from teachers online, on the phone, and on-site with evening hours Can you imagine if we had to have 6 different jobs in a day.   If you were a police officer for an hour, then switched to a cashier, then another switch to a UPS driver, then maybe a nurse, a salesperson, and finished up as a tool and die worker.  Even if we did a great job in all those fields our day would be exhausting and we would feel like we didn’t accomplish much because of all the changes.  That is what we do in traditional schools…6 classes a day with a change every hour.  Because of technology we can now offer classes just like a college.  We offer the opportunity to take one class at a time and so every 3 weeks you complete the class.  This allows you to catch up on lost credits and for many it means graduating with their class or even earlier. We have prescriptive testing in classes to give you credit for what you have already learned so if you are missing credits based on attendance but know the information you can make up the credits quickly by testing out of material I think the biggest reason to attend our program is our internship program.  We ask you what you would like to do, then work with local businesses to set up internships for you so that when you graduate you have not only earned your diploma but also have a work history with references to show you have the skills to get and keep a job. Home school parents often choose our program, as they are able to teach their kids at home and have support when they need it (algebra 2 and chemistry) We also pay for college classes while students are attending our schools so that students will be better prepared for their future. So to recap the benefits of attending our schools 1) Work at your own time and pace at your home2)  Focus on one class at a time (like college)3)  College like drop in center for support4)  Test out of material you know5)  Let us pay for your college classes and attend while you finish high school6)  Internships with local companies to prepare you for your future

But What About the 20% Who Aren’t Graduating? 

According to the  National Center for Education Statistics, 80% of students who enter High School as a freshman will graduate in four years with a regular diploma. While that statistic is celebrated because it is a dramatic improvement over former levels that hovered in the low 70’s, it still represents a large number of students who are not completing their basic education. Kids often give up on their education when they lose hope for the future. As an educator I feel it’s my job to help restore hope by not just focusing on academics but also on instilling a strong “why” in my students. I want to help build a student’s belief in their ability to learn and succeed. I want to share with them how their future could look with a fulfilling education. I want to help instill a big dream that may not have been fostered in their home. I want to help fill the gap or void that may have resulted from life traumas that most of us cannot begin to imagine. It has been said that if you give a student a big enough “why” they will find or figure out the “how”. We all know kids who overcame huge setbacks and ultimately achieved academic success. It all boils down to a clear “why” supported by a big dream. I had a great instructor at Aquinas College who made a dramatic impact on my life by helping me understand the need to clearly understand the “why” which causes students to make choices that appear to be self destructive. What Nanette Clatterbuck taught me has resulted in our schools clearly setting the expectation of how a student is expected to act and then we individually work at discovering each student’s “why”. I have a printed “how” poster that is prominently displayed in all of the schools my team and I direct. The result is we have few behavior issues because we focus on the student’s “why” and then address the underlying issues that are causing it. Jim Bermingham, former Superintendent of Berrien Springs Public Schools, says “rather than accommodate a students’ dysfunction we help them change to be successful in life during and after school”.


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